Causes and prevention of dental caries and gingivitis

Causes and prevention of dental caries and gingivitis


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I do not think that many people are having trouble with tooth decay and gingivitis.

I am involved in the problems of children and students who happen at school bullying, so I keep various records from the general public in my mind.

In that activity, there are obviously different points between children with a lot of decayed teeth and few children, and we are also researching this point from prevention point of view, including my caries and gingivitis problems.

As a result of verification,

There may be a clear difference in the environment between children whose teeth are chipped or which are decayed and children who are not.

About the difference in the environment roughly speaking parentage relationship first. And it is the way of parents’ professions and meals.

If you say that there is a possibility of decayed tooth and gingivitis among them, I think whether ordinary people will answer meals. This can certainly be an element of bone composition, teeth, gingivitis. But it does not come first in priority.

Cause of making tooth decay and gingivitis,

There are a lot of parents’ troubles in the family and there are constant mates. Also, parent’s occupation.

It is the difference between yakuza and customs or ordinary people whether the most obvious profession affecting not harm the child’s bone, teeth, mouth, body health, hurt by parents’ occupation.

And another. Differences were overwhelmingly seen in the lack of children’s teeth with bad mouth, envy, grudgeful parents, and parents who did not, caries and gingivitis.

A human being is an animal that thinks and acts. At this time, a substance or energy that becomes power is generated inside the body, and there you can think and act for things for the first time there,

At this time, we emit radioactive emissions, which are by-products, out of the body.

It is a place of thinking, thought or idea that gave it a name.

If you divide it by matter or energy you can divide it by substance or energy from relatively large things such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, etc. That is the minute molecules and particles that are invisible to the eyes, lipids, One of the crystals to which any one of the moisture is bound becomes a cold.


When catching a cold Is there any infection from others? Talking about what that will happen,

The substances and energy of the cold that infiltrated the body and infiltrated into the body from other people originally have nothing to do with themselves and because it is not their own thing, the body moves to the “emissions of different substances and energy” by using immunity That’s it.


At that moment,

Cells and bacteria structuring the human body vibrate, and it is a wake that sneezes, runny nose, tears, fever will come out.


Most people know that even colds will infect even ordinary people, but it is not only a cold to infect.

Actually this is also greatly related to bone composition, teeth chipping and gingivitis.

Yakuza and customs are generally hard to appear on the table. That world, both are coverage for a long time, but it is a very wet, dark, unhealthy spiritual world. Also, even if there are many bad things, envy, and resentment of people, it will be a similar environment.

If children live there, there is a high probability that the bones are brittle, the teeth are missing or gingivitis.

It is not occupation or racial discrimination.

Since infection is involved, it is rather a story that is public health and social hygiene and it is a story that can be shared and prevented mutually healthily and healthily, so I do not hesitate to write it.


This time I write about child’s decayed tooth and gingivitis, but adults are also sufficiently related, so please read them carefully.

Because there seems to be someone who is short of breath when the sentence is too long, I will write the main point as concisely as possible.

The cause that leads to bones becoming brittle, teeth becoming chipped, and becoming gingivitis is air.

Air is an essential necessity for human beings and it will benefit us,

There is an aspect which has harmfulness which can oxidize or corrode things.


The cause of tooth decay and gingivitis of bone is that the substance and energy which oxidize and corrode the thing in oxygen which entered the bone and mouth by breathing adhere to the skin, the mucosa, the teeth, and the mouth It combines with several hundred kinds and several hundreds of bacteria and bacteria in it,

Those with good compatibility remain in the mouth, and those not compatible with each other are discharged by immunity.


bad-teeth-1177038_960_720 (1)

It is said that if you eat well sweet things you will become a tooth decay, but I think this is the case. Of course, if you include something to eat that causes acid erosion, or one that inhibits the composition of bone, it will naturally cause health and sound damage to every corner of the bones and teeth, the mucosa, and the body.

What is important even including this place is air.

Fine molecules and particles that structure oxygen in the air, signal and lipid, water ratio.

Humans are inhaling air from their nose, mouth, skin and mucosa. As mentioned earlier, as I mentioned that oxygen not only gives the benefit of life and survival, but also oxygen to oxidize and corrode mono,


The most important thing to oxidize and corrode things is the amount of substances and energy that can not be seen by the eye that structures oxygen. And it is the natural healing power of immunity and homeostasis to eliminate the cause.


The illustration above made it easy to understand it, but those who are more black on the left. The thinner on the right is the lesser one.

If it is an illustration you can attach anything, so I will attach actual photo images as well.

1368588384198 (1)1368588383416 (1)

I shot illustrations, with real landscape pictures. Since I was able to grasp the invisible material and energy in the air with the photograph, I made an illustration.

In a room where it is rich in an environment where tooth decay and gingivitis occurs. Amount of substances that constitute oxygen in the space partitioned by floors, walls, roofs, such as home or school classrooms, is more or less?

It will be related to whether bone composition or tooth, gingiva and other organs are damaged or not given.

I have covered footsteps for decades, school bullying and domestic violence, stalkers, yakuza, customs. The environment in which I was born was complicated from the time of my child.

At that time, I had a lot of troubles with gingivitis, lack of teeth, many tooth decay.

After interviewing for decades,

I decided to temporarily pause the activities until then. Why is this,

What happens if the symptoms experienced by the people involved and involved are not related?

What happens to my body if I give out conditions that go out as much as possible for as long as a year and are not involved with people? I made a verification.


When I covered frequently, I clearly felt my tooth pain, gingivitis and irritation.

This is because I was on a problematic point and the cause was infected by material energy.


↑ I do not live like this (laugh)

Avoid going out more than necessary,

What will happen if I live in an environment that does not meet people for about a year? That is the verification.

It is two pieces of the living room which the picture at that time actually took on the fact that it increases the amount of substances and energy that structure the oxygen in my room, making equipment to be less and less.

After setting the conditions to withdraw at home, if you are doing it for a year as well, the word will be lost for about half a year.


Thanks to that, when going shopping and paying money, it became difficult for a change of change.

I did exercise moderately.

Although some side-effect phenomena came out, it became no longer troubled by tooth pain and gingivitis.

This verification is not only for me but also for families who receive consultation, and if you do it for a few months or a few years,

Again the problem of toothache, tooth loss, gingivitis decreased.


Somewhat differently, restrictions on going out and restricting contact with people are commonplace, but the consultant did not let me do it. It is because there is a difference in the amounts of substances that form oxygen and the amount of energy between what is found in the room and what is in the atmosphere when going out and in the atmosphere,


Bones and teeth, gingivitis, problems of each household are not the best that eating habits are the best. It’s happening in the room!

12545395_343324782458489_975522884_n (1)

Japanese TV drama Odoru Daisousasen Line

I’m sorry about writing a joke (lol) ↑ This picture and wording, it would be meaningless even if it is delivered abroad w (lol)

As for facilities, we have introduced it in various places of articles so far. Equipment will come out if you read my article. If you do not understand, please give me a message individually.

bandicam 2017-08-06 10-28-24-873

The mechanism of the cold does not seem to be understood even in modern medicine. What is it? (Lol)

Nonetheless, it is not a lie that a cold is the cause of a million diseases.


I do not suffer from toothache, teeth chipping, gingivitis after this verification. I have not caught a cold.

As I wrote that we will also deliver English version using Google Translate in the future, we will also distribute this article in English version.



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Google翻訳 Google translation


Google translation

I started using Google Translate when I started talking to American housewives as soon as I started to talk to the public. You praised me for being good at English.



Because I did not study at all at school, even Japanese is dangerous, but I wrote when I wrote that I reply using Google Translate, I was laughing.

With this, I found that Google Translate will understand moderately even in English-speaking countries.

It seems that you can not understand delicate implications, but you can use it quite well. Since then,

Recently, it is being browsed not only from the United States, but also from other countries such as Britain and New Zealand, Australia, England, India, Brazil, Malaysia, China, Korea and others.

Because it increased considerably in the last 2 months

Yesterday, when I translated English into WordPress, I translated the highest number of browsing numbers so far focused primarily on Japan, and induced the English-speaking area in one day all at once (one day) Lol)

I do not know the method of originally placing access overseas, and it is not aimed, but when I look at how to increase, I am surprised at how many people in the world are living)

I want to make friends with someone who understands without relation to race, country (^ ^) b

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Everyone cheaters


bandicam 2017-11-11 13-42-15-702.jpg

Is this Japan?
◆ Seki Masamichi
Promotion of insertion I came into the disabled facility and elderly care facilities through an acquaintance’s dealer through a dealer of an acquaintance through a dealer of an acquaintance to a young baby young baby with a baby animal, a dry potato of Hitachinaka-shi, a sweet cooked sweet potato of a Furukawa, a sweet cooked sweetfish, a lotus root of Tsuchiura “Why are not you going to get out of the house?” “Eager and melon wanted to be inserted,” a request to the contractor escalated. As it is impossible to give it to all the facilities, if you stop it from this summer if you think that it is unfair, you have been complained about being asked why you quit through the merchant as soon as you stop it. Since the action of good intent leads to troubles, it was made me realize that I respect honorable secrets when doing good. The remorse of those who got it and who did not receive it seriously


Hiraisawa’s article, shared by Facebook friends, was impressive so I was allowed to share it.


Everyone cheaters

I have interviewed someone who has experience of serving prison.


When eating in a prison, it seems to be able to massage a small amount of side dishes and rice. Therefore, I heard that I pay close attention to the arrangement.


A lot of adults entering jail are adults, but if you think that there are adult adults,


Long ago, when I worked at a machine tool maker with young people in their 20s and 30s, because the economy was good at that time,


A dinner party was held hosting a farewell party for employees to quit the company.


At the dinner party,


Rice was brought in a pot and each one was dressed to serve rice by yourself.


There were few male employees in their 30s who had lots of rice and did not go to all of them.


I saw it,


I am sorry suddenly because my condition is bad today, but I remember that I did not eat and wanted to spend time on farewell party for breaks.


It is about 30 years ago. If you predict the amount of rice and the number of people who entered your kettle, even though you think that it is better to do this for yourself, in the case that the rice remains,


Though it seems to be thoughtful of human thought making machine tool, it was not so.


Japan is black even in the stomach,


There are many people who can disguise themselves as common-sense men and broad-minded people when they meet people who pass each other on the street and people who have little involvement.


I think whether this is because Japanese people have sickness that unnaturally minds the public.


I do not think thieves themselves as thieves, for people, for everyone,


Even a person who says good things with ears is doubtful, including personality.


I will make a profit. I doubt the person who comes with me will succeed.


Recently it seems to be self-branding who appeals on Facebook and blogs,


Aho to show off savings passbook in excess is also coming out.


Whatever you do for your own desires will not matter.


The personality has fallen to where it falls.


If Mr. Takeshi Kitano took a movie, it would be “all fraudster”. It may be interesting to surprise it www



The number of people who looked like scammers increased,


I think that it is the end of a slave of colonial rule which was ruled by GHQ after the war, handled by education, culture, TV and meals, and the mind and body were remodeled.


In prison, you will be fighting with the amount of meal, but the world seen by me and the prison are not much different. In fact, the experience of Mr. Hirasawa speaks.


It was GHQ’s aim to mass produce such people. It seems that such a citizen has not been culled out so far, but it seems that it was worth the use.


In the present era, there are places where it is indispensable to be independent from the United States, but Japanese think that it is impossible. I do not throw away hope myself, but the answer that comes out when I am overlooking is impossible.


If you forcibly answer it, people are not able to manage the state because the condition reflection reflected in the United States has stained it.


Meanwhile, Facebook is intelligent, respecting honori and courtesy, I am encountering people with a high intelligence. I think this edge is precious now.


I sincerely thank you.


I compared to Hirasawa – san, what I say is a young man,


That is the true identity of Japan.


The identity is the biggest part of the criminal who erodes the land, if they are to be culled out of now, they are their fault.


It is my responsibility if I can not stop there.


Either they eroded they will be erased if they become worthless.


To destroy Japan is not limited to external pressure from overseas, it is also a big death that is eaten by parasites in the country.


If you desire Japan ‘s ideal form, dare to Japanese even dirty the courage to thrust NO.

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To English-speaking readers

To English-speaking readers

WordPress contradictions and shields Since Kojiro’s blog has increased readers in English-speaking countries,

From now on I will also post English version using Google Translate (^ ^) b

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Aura of brain disease

Aura of brain disease

If you get dullness and numbness in one hand, it is a sign of something happening in the brain.
Early detection, if dealt with, even if you compare it with damage that will occur later, even if you pay inspection fee and various expenses, it will be as good as free.
Hope to be tested soon.
Addendum ↓
Will be more angry than usual, worried about frequent collision with the wall, walking, or frightened, blurred eyes, worried if it gets cold abnormally.
If there is a feeling that it feels colder than usual, blood pressure may be unusually high abnormally in some cases.
Particular attention is needed in the winter when the brain is sick.
Measure blood pressure frequently, balance the moisture and salt. If you combine some with the above symptoms check with the neurologist internal medicine or brain surgery internal medicine.

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Modern society is tolerant of ignorance

Modern society is tolerant of ignorance

Because I use ignorance as a covert of my ignorance.
It is ignorance that it increases self-esteem and self-consciousness the most,
Ignorance and stupidity are words like use, so it is tacit understanding that ignorance will be useful as a shining stepboard for yourself.
With ignorance on the footsteps,
People and the environment all become ignorant and society becomes frighteningly brittle. This is a big sin of those who feed on ignorance and are feeling better than ignorance.
Although not knowing but Buddha,
Without being taught If you do not know and you are ignorant,
If you use ignorance to satisfy your self esteem and self-conscious with knowledge of ignorance, sin can be pretty good.
Excerpts from Kojikodi dictionary (haha)
I explain this to the worst clearly.
Four corruptions in governance of the country.
Muzzle (do not tell, kill if you sin),
Be violent (do not keep warning and ask for success),
Pirates (negotiating orders to make them strictly observe the deadline),
Yuji (not giving anything to give)
The meaning of Kotobank 4 evil.
I did not study, so I did not know such kanji in the beginning.
However, over 20 years ago, the kanji of four evil persistently persisted in my mind, and when I looked it up, it turned out that this kanji existed.
How about four evil kanji that came down from heaven? (Lol)

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